About us

Vascular Surgery Centre is a private medical institution, located in the central part of Lithuania, in  Anykščiai, Ramybės Street, 15. All vascular surgery services are provided by us. Patients from Lithuania and from abroad with all vascular diseases: venous, arterial diseases are consulted and operated in our center. We have large experience in diagnostics and surgical treatment of cerebrovascular insufficiency and thoracic outlet syndrome. Patients are evaluated with ultrasound techniques: duplex scanning and color doppler. CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging, including magnetic resonance angiography, are performed, if needed. Conventional angiography is performed only for hospitalized patients.

Stroke is the third leading cause of the death. Patients after the stroke constitute the largest group of handicapped patients, needing long term social aid and financial support. They are the biggest burden for the state social system. Therefore, it is so important to diagnose in time the  underlying causes of the stroke, and to correct them before the stroke strikes. Timely surgical treatment of carotid and vertebral arteries diseases protects patients from the stroke and is economically and financialy very effective for the individual and for the state.

Dizziness, vertigo, nausea, equilibrium disorders, visual disorders, headache, tinnitus in the ears or noise in the head are the most common symptoms of vertebral arteries diseases. Arterial hypertension, providing all other causes are ruled out, is usually due to the blood flow shortage in the brain stem and normalizes after the restoration of normal blood flow to the brain stem. Therefore, patients with these symptoms should be carefully evaluated for vertebral arteries pathology.

We are proud of our center beeing one of the leaders in the diagnostics and surgical treatment of cerebrovascular insufficiency worldwide.